Sunday, April 12, 2009


as most of you know, i've been meaning to start this blog for a long time, it came as a thought this winter and has persisted despite my procrastinating tendencies. the basic idea came after an unexpected, but MUCH needed conversation with an old friend who i'd not spoken with for a long time. we discussed many things, with the central thread tying our many topics together was our shared faith and desire to live, do, and be righteous. i have had such conversations with each of you, individually and in groups, and i felt a strong desire to create a space, albeit in cyberspace, where we could discuss, share and uplift one another. i have no real guidelines as to what or how this unfolds, my only desire is that the things we share and examine follow the creed set forward in the 13th article of faith- things which are virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy. at first i struggled with this idea, not wanting it to become a 'seriously so blessed' saccharine string of cliches and with overtones of footprints in the sand. but i realize that we need to create real space in our lives for sharing those things (films, books, ideas, pictures, stories, etc.) that do bring light and that do inspire righteous living. i guess part of this is a selfish need to feel i have a community in this, despite the physical space between us. i know each of you, and many of you know eachother, and its my hope we can all become, deeper, more true friends. so, post away my dears! and let us be as isaiah instructs, 'trees of righteousness' in this worldy forest in which we dwell. xoxo zlb

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